Meet The Horses
"Horses aren't my whole life, they make my life whole."
For those that know me, these horses have been my life for the last 13 years.  I can't imagine a day without them.
Thank you to everyone who has supported me and my horses through the years. 
I know many of my family and friends have traveled to see me at the horse fields just so that we could actually catch up. 
Know that I appreciate all of you and your dedication to keep in touch by coming to me! 
You are all welcome in Colorado :)

I have set a goal is to bring them to Colorado with me.
As any horse owner knows, buying a horse is only the beginning, which is why I'm asking for help. 

Anything helps!  I'm hoping to raise half of what I need for purchase and trucking. 
If anyone would like to help please feel free to contact us for more information:  [email protected]
  1. Sully
    I love to lead the trail! I hang out by the fence and greet people. I like a gentle pat on the neck and to hear how handsome you think I am. I am a chestnut, Thoroughbred-cross, gelding (boy).
  2. Wilma
    I'm pretty much fabulous. I can do anything. Well, as long as it's my idea. I'll let you tag along. Just don't get bossy. I'm in charge here. I'm a red- roan, Appoloosa, mare (girl).
  3. Strawberry
    I'm the unicorn. Some say I'm spoiled. I get to roam free most days, and as long as I don't walk down the train tracks they let me do what I want. I'm a "strawberry" roan, Paint, gelding (boy).
  4. Leo
    I prefer teenagers! I get distracted easily and riding me can be like playing a video game - you need to be ready to give me directions all the time! I'm a palomino, gelding (boy).
  5. Sriracha
    I am a sweet girl even though my name is spicy. I love long naps and snacking on the trail. I'm a red dun, Quarter Horse, mare (girl).
  6. Vera
    I live for food! You'll find me trying to steal my neighbor's breakfast after (or even before) I've finished my own! I also like to lead the trail. I'm a black&white, Paint, mare (girl).
  7. Bubbles
    I love everyone, but Joe is my best friend in the whole world. I've been called the class clown, and I'm ok with that. I'm a black, Appendix Quarter Horse, gelding (boy).
  8. Dory
    I am the quiet one. I sometimes forget where I'm going. Is that ok? Will you help me stay on the right trail? I'm a stock Paint, with a sensitive white nose! mare (girl).
  9. Little Debbie
    I loooooove swimming! We don't have a pool here, so I've been know to jump in the water tub when I think no one is looking! I'm a dark bay, Quarter Horse, mare (girl).
  10. Joe
    I LOVE TO EAT! Here I am taking a snack with me down the trail... everyone likes fast food, am I right?! I am a chestnut, pony cross, gelding (boy).
  11. Walter
    They pair me up with Moms a lot because I'm a bit of a lady's man! I also like quiet kids, as I'm a chill and quiet guy. I'm a blue roan, Quarter Horse, gelding (boy).
  12. Indigo
    I am owned by Megan, and learning to be a dressage girl! I love being spoiled, but I also love being a lazy trail horse too! Summers are hot, and here I am with my long mane braided to keep my neck cool!